Vidi Energy Launches New Round of Equity Financing

Vidi Energy Launches New Round of Equity Financing

Vidi Energy Launches New Round of Equity Financing.


Coinciding with the Floating Wind Solutions Event in Houston which opens on 30th January, Vidi Energy is launching the next phase of the company’s development.

Following successful equity fundraising in August 2021, Vidi Energy will engage with investors, partners and platforms through Q1 and Q2 2023 to raise the funds for the next phase of the company development, and work towards taking it’s unique mass-produced ready-to-float offshore wind offering to market as rapidly as possible.

The floating wind market is maturing quickly and many players are looking to invest in the technology needed to enable a cheaper, faster and safer deployment for offshore wind.

The U.S. floating wind market is new and due to the geography of their seabed, floating wind projects will roll out much quicker than we have seen in the UK and Europe, where shallower waters have been available over the last 25 years.

The event in Houston also demonstrates the transition that players in the offshore oil and gas sector are making.

Vidi Energy CEO, Robert Speht will be at the Floating Wind Solutions event in Houston and said “it is perhaps fitting that a location like Houston, that is well known for its historic role in the offshore oil and gas sector, will now play a pivotal role in the new floating offshore wind sector where local jobs, cheaper energy, lower emissions and safer employment are possible”.

“It is also fitting that Vidi Energy launches its next round of equity fundraising here, where there will be many potential investors and partners from the industry”.

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